Saturday, July 24, 2010

How is this for a TV Ad?

TVC - France-espace-naturiste- directed by Jerome PY- shortlist Cannes fest 2005 from Jerome PY - Director on Vimeo.

I for one would like to see this advertisement on Australian TV supporting the cause of Naturism. It was a TV Commercial for;France-espace-naturiste- directed by Jerome PY- and was shortlisted at Cannes fest 2005.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunkissed’s Sydney Winter

It is July 18 and although the shortest day has passed and the sun is bringing more warmth with each passing day, the days are still short and the nights are still cold. However the weather yesterday and today has been just beautiful with blue cloudless skies and warm temperatures (19 c).

So armed with our towels and hats we set off eagerly to Cobblers Beach for some clothes-free time in the sun. The beach was quite busy, as was expected, with everyone taking the opportunity to get out in the sun and there were about 4 or 5 boats moored off the beach also taking advantage of the great day.

Yes, the water was cold and it was only the brave that ventured in for a swim but quite a few went in for a quick plunge and returned to the warmth of the beach.

From the beach you can look across Middle Harbour to Balmoral Beach and while Cobblers was crowded there was scarcely anyone on the beach at Balmoral. I have noticed this before on our winter trips on sunny days and put it down to the fact that Balmoral beach is more exposed to the prevailing winds but there was hardly a breath of wind today.

So the question is, are clothes-free beach goers a more “hardy lot” or do we just appreciate every opportunity to get onto the beach and enjoy some clothes-free time?

I think it is definitely the latter.

I know in our case we really appreciate the time that we spend on the beach it is like a mini-holiday as we can fully relax. There is just something magical about feeling the sun and breeze on the whole of your body and being surrounded by the natural beauty of the bush, the brilliant crystal clear sea, the colourful spinnakers of the yachts on the harbour and the deep blue of the sky.

Is it any wonder that we long for any opportunity to visit such a special place whenever the weather allows, whatever the season.