Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello Spring!

Well Spring has arrived and with it a taste of Summer. It is far more comfortable being naked at home in the evenings and the sun drenched days, when not at work, allow the body to be draped in sunlight.

From my point of view the best thing about this time of year is the fact that the full force of the sun is not yet out, so while we still need to be careful of sunburn the likelihood of being burnt after the first 20 minutes is unlikely.

People may say that as Naturists we are encouraging risky behaviour by our predisposition to going naked outdoors and to clothing optional beaches.

This however is far from the case! In fact it is the very fact that we enjoy the outdoors so much ensures that we have a good quality sunscreen and seek shade in the hottest part of the day.

However unlike the greater part of the population we, as Naturists, are far less likely to be vitamin D deficient. Our society has been so conditioned by the advertising of the last decades that people believe that to show the slightest piece of skin to the sun is risking certain death.

There is, however, a body of scientific evidence regarding the positive effects of vitamin D actually increasing the bodies natural immune system to fight off the more common and deadly cancers that society face being bowel and breast cancer. (Check out the book The Vitamin D Solution by Dr Michael Holicks PhD MD)

Therefore we all should get 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight each day just as the skin first starts to go pink and then apply covering or a high quality sunscreen.

So fellow Naturists enjoy the coming Summer.

Monday, October 3, 2011

How to live an Ethical Naturist lifestyle in a textile world.

This is s question that everyone who has discovered the freedom of the Naturist lifestyle faces.

We are, by necessity, forced to interact in a textile/clothing compulsive world and unfortunately very few jobs are clothing optional.

So leaving the haven of our homes we put on the uniform of the textile and put in the hours necessary to put food on the table and a roof over our heads whilst, hopefully, enjoying the work we do.

But even the "haven" of our own homes is problematic, especially living in or close to the city.

In our own case we have just moved house and while the new property is more private than the previous townhouse, there is still no opportunity to lay out in the sun or work in the backyard as nature intended.

Frustrated by this situation I decided to review what options I had to minimize what I had to wear to be "legal". I could of course wear budgie smugglers (swimming costume) or shorts but that was too confining.

I then did some research on the Internet about loincloths, that's right ala Tarzan, with a view of buying or making something up.

Finally I came up with my own primitive design consisting of a boot lace and 2 chamois that covered both the front and rear to avoid the risk of upsetting the neighbours. The beauty of the design was that they allowed the greatest amount of freedom while being practical.

The chamois were chosen due to the soft and serviceable nature of the material. Also there was the added bonus of utilizing the chamois for the car if they didn't work out.

They were obtained from an auto supply store and I decided to select natural over synthetic material.

All up they cost me $20 each for the large size (I am not bragging I just thought that the larger size would give me more options).

I am please to say that they worked out well and while a little self conscious at the beginning met the need to preserve the body freedom that I desired whilst not offending the neighbours.

So much of being a Naturist is a state of the mind. The freedom of our bodies is the outward sign of the freedom of our minds, the relinquishment of the tension and stress that builds during the day.

That is why after a day in the clothing compulsive world We have the sanctuary of our home where we can shed our garments and allow our bodies and mind to be free.

May we all live naturally ever after.