Monday, October 22, 2012

A hard day at work?

Well here is our first real posting from Le Chateau.

As you can see from the above photo we have had some wonderful weather and I am hard at work cleaning some stray leaves out of the pool - a tough job. We have also had nearly a full house for the first time this Spring and as usual our guests were a delightful and interesting group of Naturists.

There are still many things that we need to do to fully settle in but we are enjoying a full time clothes free working  environment, it is an absolute pleasure. So much so that it has become a real chore to have to get dressed to go shopping or to do some work in the front yard.

All this just reinforces in my mind that there is no real need for clothing when undertaking most jobs we do around the home, and how sensible it is as well. I was doing some painting and all I had to do was have a shower to get rid of a few splatters of paint rather than having to wash clothes. Still if you are reading this blog I am probably already preaching to the converted.

With the weather warming up we are starting to take bookings through November, December and early January as many a Naturist's thoughts turn to holidays.

Bring on Summer!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Problem with this blog resolved

Firstly it has been too long since we posted an entry on our blog.

As can be seen from our last entry we have been busy establishing ourselves at Le Chateau and this has lead to what appears to be a compression of time. Also we have beeing awaiting our new Internet connection which has taken a month and we have had to use our portable WiFi and a netbook to keep online. This thankfully has now been resolved.

Secondly in the last couple of days it appears that a site that we link to has been compromised with malware and we have therefore removed the link to this page from the site so we hope now that things will return to normal.

We will start posting again on a more regular basis.