Sunday, May 29, 2011

Naturist Graphic

Those that have been reading this blog before may notice the addition of a Naturist graphic on the right hand column.

I designed this when I was working on an entry for a design competition 12 months ago for the ANF as they were looking to change their logo. While I did submit a version of this graphic with a different message I felt that it was somewhat forced and I was not surprised that it was not selected.

But the original graphic as above I did  feel captured our experience of the Naturist lifestyle, the feeling of freedom, the joy and the interaction with the environment.

So I made a "DIY" car sticker and thought that I would also display it on this blog and would be happy for others to display it, if they so desired.*

I would welcome any comments or feedback.

* A link back to this bolg would be nice.

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