Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Naked Truth - Northern Star Article

Photo from the article

"EVER wish you could be as uninhibited and carefree as a naked child, totally free of inhibition and self-consciousness?

We all start out that way, but somewhere along the line we learn to cover up; we learn that our naked adult bodies are to be hidden under clothes, seen only by a chosen few.

But there are some adults - many adults, actually - who refuse to conform to the idea that our bodies are to be clothed at all times.

These people spend a great deal of time totally naked and totally at ease with it."

So starts one of the best articles on the subject of Naturist/Nudists lifestyle and resorts that I have seen in a long while. It was published in The Northern Star servicing the northern part of New South Wales, and thanks to the magic of the Internet is available to anyone at the following web address:

The author interviews the owner of a Naturist Resort "west of the range" although she does not name it and for research had visited North Belongil Beach in Byron Bay and King's Beach in Broken Head nude beaches.

The article contains positive messages and a bit of history of the movement well worth the time to read the article in full.

My favourite quote from the article is:
"For us it's not about taking our clothes off, it's about not having to put clothes on," says Carol."

Monday, December 26, 2011

Why is nudity so attractive to those that have experienced it?

I must say that I find that the more time I spend naked the more I want to.

As I am reinforcing my natural state, I guess that makes sense. It is good for the body and the mind so any wonder it is so attractive.

When the weather is inclement on the weekends I really miss the trip down to Cobblers beach where I can be naked and enjoy the outdoors without the concern that someone may see me and be offended.

We are fortunate that our front garden which is behind a high wall gives us a private sun trap and so allows us a little outdoor space to be clothes free.

Does this experience and feelings constitute a building dependence on clothes free times?

Certainly the number of regulars that I see down at the beach all year round would indicate a strong attraction to the experience. However there is also a sense of community amongst the regular beach goers and that also adds to the motivation.

I must say that even if I was the only person on the beach, and while I would miss the social experience, I would still enjoy just being clothes free in a natural setting.

So I believe that once someone has experienced nudity in a natural setting and especially social nudity and finds it enjoyable, it is certainly a something that one looks forward to repeating.