Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nude Gaming Party

Yes this is another of those viral videos to get peoples attention and pass the word on about a new product or company. Yes it is exploiting nudism with its use of nudity to create an interest in the mind of the uninformed general public but.... in this case I'm not sure that this is a bad thing!

We read all the time in Naturist blogs and magazines of a concern about not attracting the "younger generation" well the producer of this clip apparently went to a Young Naturists and Nudist gathering and with some extra actors and friends shot this video. You can read an article about it on cnet here.

Who knows this video may introduce a whole new group to the joys of social Naturism. Just look and at the spread of "planking" in recent times.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Naturist Graphic

Those that have been reading this blog before may notice the addition of a Naturist graphic on the right hand column.

I designed this when I was working on an entry for a design competition 12 months ago for the ANF as they were looking to change their logo. While I did submit a version of this graphic with a different message I felt that it was somewhat forced and I was not surprised that it was not selected.

But the original graphic as above I did  feel captured our experience of the Naturist lifestyle, the feeling of freedom, the joy and the interaction with the environment.

So I made a "DIY" car sticker and thought that I would also display it on this blog and would be happy for others to display it, if they so desired.*

I would welcome any comments or feedback.

* A link back to this bolg would be nice.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Ethical Naturist

Stephane Deschenes from the Naturist Living Show in a recent podcast coined the term "Ethical Naturist". He draws a contrast between the "ethical" and the "recreational" Naturist as those that take the naturist values outside of the free beach or club and applies them to the everyday world is the ethical Naturist. The recreational Naturist just enjoys the experience of being naked in their chosen location and don't think too much about the philosophy.

You can still be an Naturist and be clothed - hey I'm naked under these clothes aren't I?

Back in my posting in October 2010 I proposed that there were 3 types of people that enjoy the clothes free experience the Nudist the Skinny Dipper and the Naturist.

From the descriptions that Stephane gives he has simplified this down to his 2 types, and uses the term Nudist and Naturist interchangeably as is increasingly common practice, especially in Australia.

In fact the ANF has recently changed it's name from the Australian Nudist Federation to the Australian Naturist Federation.

So we now have a new term in our Naturist lexicon. It's main function I believe will be to provide food for thought amongst those Naturists that are already "ethical Naturists" by action and attitude because the rest are happy just to continue to enjoy their clothing free time, and there is nothing wrong with that!