Saturday, June 18, 2011

Winter Sunshine

After two weeks of rain and cold it was great to get out and enjoy the beauty and the warmth of the sun at Cobblers Beach today.

Yes, you had to keep out of the light breeze but the sun had sufficient warmth to make for a beautiful day reading and relaxing propped up against the warm rocks and viewing the sailboats out on the harbour. Unlike some hardy souls I decided not to take a dip!

Only about a dozen others were there to enjoy the mid-morning to early afternoon sun as the day only reached a top of 17 degrees, but that was more than enough for this sun deprived Naturist.

What could be more natural?

As reported at (click here for story)   Diver Natalia Avseenko agreed to participate in an experiment designed by Russian scientists who believe that in order to engage with belugas she should swim without clothes as the belugas dislike artificial materials such as clothing and diving suits.

Being Naturists we already know if you want to engage more fully with nature remove your clothes!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A fun way of showing your support of Naturism

From the online Naturist Shop (The Bare Boutique) run by The Bare Oaks Naturist Park in Canada the No Shirt, No Shoes, No Pants – No Problem! sign.

A variation on the classic sign. The same sign that is outside the office door of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.

The sign includes the "Bare Oaks Family" illustration by Australian Stephen Crowley who is the artist behind The Bare PitLoxie and Zoot and The Koala Bares. You can hear an interview with Stephen Crowley on the Naturist Living Show.

The sign is 10 inches by 10 inches on coroplast.

Cost: Canadian $19.99 + P and H

I am a great admirer of Stephane Deschenes and the work he does, not only by representing Naturist values but also for the fact that he has shown a successful business model for the establishment and running of a Naturist facility. Therefore we are happy to support him by making his business more widely known.

Also we have purchased Naturist books from The Bare Boutique and can recommend the service especially with the Australian Dollar so strong!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A visit to North Swanbourne Beach WA

 North Swanbourne Beach Western Australia

One day laying naked in the sun on our favorite clothing optional beach looking out on beautiful Sydney harbour and the next laying naked on the sand enjoying the sun and looking at the Indian ocean on the other side of Australia. 

I had the opportunity to visit this Western Australian Naturist Icon on a beautiful June day with a slight south easterly breeze. Knowing I was traveling to Perth I did my research on the FBA WA website and found that North Swanbourne beach was a legal clothing optional beach within 30 minutes of the CBD.

From the FBA WA website

Having access to a car and thanks to the trusty GPS I had no trouble finding the beach which is on the edge of a residential development and has carparking and a cafe that overlooks the beach and the ocean. I could not help but compare your average east coast clothing optional beach stuck in the remote corner of a national park down some steep access track. 

The clothing optional section starts about 300m north from the surf lifesaving club and is clearly marked by this sign.

From the FBA WA website

It then extends north for, I believe. about 3 kilometers in front of a military firing range. Note this part is closed when the firing range is being used.

As usual I had my Naturist uniform with me and so could take full advantage of this beautiful day. Walking along the shoreline I reached the designated area, took a few more steps and then my T-shirt and shorts came off and I joined the 2 dozen or more local naturist who were also enjoying the sun.

One group obviously regulars had placed their windbreaks, I gather these are a prerequisite for this beach, to form a large compound and were having great fun enjoying not only the sun but also the company of like minded people.

As I took in the surrounds I wondered how this group of people were happy to sit in the sun naked and yet a few hundred yards away people were playing on the same beach rugged up in clothing?

Have we been misinformed, are there some instances where you are actually warmer naked? I have observed the same thing in Sydney a beautiful Winter day that sees us head for the beach and people rugged up with scarves and coats. Have they got the calendar mixed up with the weather forecast?

Some clouds did appear after an hour or so and took the edge off the day but the patches of blue sky that followed kept the temperature up.

With what looked like increasing cloud cover on the horizon I decided to bring my visit to an end and walked to the end of the clothing optional zone and reluctantly dressed.

I will never understand some people. As I am walking back along the beach about 30 m from the start of the clothing optional sign I saw a group of naked people (they were not naturists by my definition) 3 men and a woman, in a slight depression near the start of the sand dunes. One man appeared to be massaging the woman while another looked on.

It only talks a small proportion of the population to bring social nudity into disrepute. Why when there is 3 Klms of clothing optional beach were they naked contrary to the signs.

Here we have the closest situation that I have experienced of the European beaches that are tolerant of nudity and these "people" are putting it at risk.

I suspect that they have been warned off by the local naturists for I can see no other reason why they would not take their activities at least further up the beach into the clothing optional area. Then again they may get some perverse thrill by acting as they do.

As I walked further along the beach back to the car the sun again appeared almost like a final farewell as I prepared to do a couple of hours work in preparation for the following day.