Why this Blog?

Hi, and welcome to our Naturist Blog!

Cobblers clothes optional beach.

This blog will capture the irregular posts of Sunkissed an Australian Naturist couple as we continue to explore the naturist lifestyle and the questions and experiences that arise.

Although I may speak in the singular at times in this blog the recorded comments will be reflective of our shared views, questions and observations.

We have been attracted to this lifestyle by the freedom found in removing the clothes and with them the self imposed and society imposed repression and stress that we have carried around with us for so long. We also wish to explore and gain an understanding of the philosophy and history of naturism. To this end there are a great many sources of information on the Web and as we explore these we will endeavour to note our discoveries here in our blog.

This blog has also been brought about by the excellent blogs that I have read and this has encouraged me to try my hand and to add in some small way to the body of knowledge available on this highly beneficial life style.

We therefore have provided links to those blogs and resources that we have found particularly interesting and helpful in the panel to the right as well as Naturist or Naturist Friendly Resorts that we have visited and recommend.


Well we have followed our bliss and taken the step to move to a beautiful part of the Australian coast, Port Stephens NSW, where we now own and operate Le Château  Naturiste a beautiful Naturist Bed & Breakfast. This blog will continue and now incorporate "Notes from Le Château".
    Stuart & Lucia