Sunday, November 25, 2012

Anything is possible!

I have just added to the bar an inspirational bottle that has a pack of playing cards in it.

So whats so inspirational about that?

Well have a look at the photo below:

The "Anything Is Possible Bottle" is an unaltered bottle which now has a pack of 52 playing cards sealed and in cellophane inside. The only way this could have happened is for them to be placed in there through the open neck of the bottle - clearly impossible right? Wrong - Anything is possible.

The card on the bottle reads: 

"These art pieces are handmade by Vancouver magician Jamie D. Grant and are guaranteed to use unaltered milk bottles and Bicycle brand playing cards still wrapped in their original seal. Whenever times get tough, look over at your magical bottle and remind yourself that...Anything Is Possible."

If someone, a few short years ago had said to me that I would be living a Naturist lifestyle and owning a Naturist B&B, I may have said that sounds impossible. We really do need to be realistic!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Are we Naturists with a textile mindset?

Am I a fig leaf Naturist?

Since living the clothes free lifestyle, which includes my working hours, I find it even more strange that we, as a society, are so clothes compulsive.

When you have Naturists guests come over, do you invite them to take off their clothing to get comfortable or do you default to a textile mindset?

The other day we had some visitors who we knew were Naturists and they dropped in to have a look at the facilities of Le Ch√Ęteau, I greeted them naked, as usual and then provided the "grand tour" following which we sat down and had a drink and talked.

After they left I thought to myself that I should have offered them the chance to get comfortable and remove their clothes.

As it turned out I had the chance to offer this hospitality a few days later when some long time Naturist friends came to visit. We were about to sit out in the courtyard and enjoy a cool drink and the sunshine when I asked if they would like to make themselves comfortable and get into "uniform". The husband took me up on the offer and was much more comfortable as a result.

So next time I will definitely make the offer to our visitors to be clothes free and comfortable.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A hard day at work?

Well here is our first real posting from Le Chateau.

As you can see from the above photo we have had some wonderful weather and I am hard at work cleaning some stray leaves out of the pool - a tough job. We have also had nearly a full house for the first time this Spring and as usual our guests were a delightful and interesting group of Naturists.

There are still many things that we need to do to fully settle in but we are enjoying a full time clothes free working  environment, it is an absolute pleasure. So much so that it has become a real chore to have to get dressed to go shopping or to do some work in the front yard.

All this just reinforces in my mind that there is no real need for clothing when undertaking most jobs we do around the home, and how sensible it is as well. I was doing some painting and all I had to do was have a shower to get rid of a few splatters of paint rather than having to wash clothes. Still if you are reading this blog I am probably already preaching to the converted.

With the weather warming up we are starting to take bookings through November, December and early January as many a Naturist's thoughts turn to holidays.

Bring on Summer!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Problem with this blog resolved

Firstly it has been too long since we posted an entry on our blog.

As can be seen from our last entry we have been busy establishing ourselves at Le Chateau and this has lead to what appears to be a compression of time. Also we have beeing awaiting our new Internet connection which has taken a month and we have had to use our portable WiFi and a netbook to keep online. This thankfully has now been resolved.

Secondly in the last couple of days it appears that a site that we link to has been compromised with malware and we have therefore removed the link to this page from the site so we hope now that things will return to normal.

We will start posting again on a more regular basis.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Follow Your Bliss

..if you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be. 
Joseph Campbell - The Power of Myth
Well we have followed our bliss and taken the step to move to a beautiful part of the Australian coast, Nelson Bay, where we will own and operate Le Chateau Naturiste a beautiful Naturist Bed & Breakfast.

We have been guests of Le Chateau over the last few years and believe it is the gold standard for a Naturist B&B with facilities that include, pool, tennis court, billiard room, large tiled sunny courtyard, spacious living areas and a gym, spa and sauna.

All just 2 1/2 hours north of Sydney and it will be a real privilege to continue this high standard and run this Naturist retreat where you can shed your clothing and your worries.

We will be open from the 6th of September and will take our next part of our Naturist journey. We are both looking forward to meeting new Naturist friends and having the privilege of introducing new Naturists into the joys of social Naturism and the many benefits both mental and physical of this wonderful lifestyle.

We are looking forward to welcoming guests to:

Check out the website
   Stuart & Lucia

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The simple pleasures.

Here we are in July, winter here in Australia, and although mild by European and North American standards it can still be cold and wet.

A few Saturdays ago it was wet and with a cold breeze but Sunday dawned with a beautiful clear day.

I had made myself some breakfast dressed only in a tee shirt and jacket ( my winter uniform ) and as I looked out over the courtyard to the east the sun came over the ridge and I felt it's warmth. With that I took my cup of tea outside and enjoyed the sun.

Soon it was warm enough to remove both tee  shirt and jacket and I felt the increasing warmth of the sun all over my body.

I then began to ponder, if I had not been a Naturist I would not be enjoying this great sensation of the warmth of the sun and the occasional slight breeze caressing my body.

It is in these moments that I wish those with a clothing compulsion could experience what I was experiencing, as I am certain that many would be converted to a clothes free lifestyle based on this experience alone.

                From deep-shallow Blog

Sunday, June 17, 2012

No sex please we're Naturists!

I remember the title of a movie from the 70's called "No sex please we're British". I cannot vouch for the quality of the movie as I cannot recall the content and that probably speaks volumes, however the title came to mind when I started to consider this topic.

We see more of a sensual rather than sexual aspect in the practice of the Naturist lifestyle. The senses certainly work much better without the restriction of clothing and this plus the knowledge that one has broken through a societal taboo could explain the joy and freedom that is experienced.

There is no doubt that we are sexual creatures and there is a natural instinct to regard the naked body of the opposite sex if only from a point of curiosity.

However we are also able to go beyond a mere instinct response.

Were it otherwise males would not be able to restrain the arousal response within a nudist setting, yet this restraint is clearly what is observed and experienced.

We transcend instinct when we accept and respond to agreed behavioral limits within a defined Naturist setting such as a clothing optional beach, a club or Naturist resort.

In a broader societal sense a monogamous state would not be possible otherwise.

All this goes to prove that the dominant sex organ in the human body is in fact the brain!

This is why Naturists can rightly claim that nudity does not equal sex.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Anything about the naked body is news!

On Friday the Sydney papers carried an article about a Royal Australian Navy officer who was facing a court-martial panel on a charge committing an act of indecency by using a mirror to spy on a female shipmate in the showers. The outcome was that the officer was reduced in rank and fined approx $5,700.

Now I'm not going to comment on the case itself, except to say that what was done was inappropriate in the circumstances. The thing that I found interesting was that I am sure there are many misdemeanor's  that are dealt with in the services by a court-martial panel, everything from petty crimes, to more serious offences and yet rarely do they make the press.

But because this case involved nudity - shock horror!!!! the press found it news worthy!

Our society equates the naked body with sex and sex sells, so this story becomes titilation to the masses!

Sailor convicted of shower spying                   
AFTER 20 years of an unblemished naval career, and having completed his technical engineering exams only last Friday, a 37-year old lieutenant has been convicted of committing an act of indecency by using a mirror to spy on a shipmate in the showers on board HMAS Parramatta this year.
Read more:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There is a demand for mainstream nude events

On April 27th -29th there will be a naked tour of the Museum of Contemporary Art

"Gain a new perspective on the current MCA exhibitions by viewing them entirely nude. Remove the material barriers between artist and audience (literally) when you join artist Stuart Ringholt’s tour followed by a nude reception. Those who wish to join the tour must also be naked. Adults only) the work deals with themes of fear and embarrassment.
Over 18s only, changing area available"

These 3 nights have been sold out - So there is definitely an interest in nude recreational activities or is it just because it is art?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Act Naturally - Movie Review

"Getting back to nature never seemed so unnatural."

Watch the trailer.
'Act Naturally' is a fish out of water comedy about two estranged step-sisters who inherit their recently deceased father's nudist resort. Leah Collins (played by Katie L. Hall, who also co-produced and co-wrote the movie) plays the adopted daughter while Charlie Tillerman (Liz Lytle) plays the biological daughter.

This independently produced film directed and co-written by J.P. Riley, it has won accolades in a number of independent film festivals and because of the positive promotion of the Naturist lifestyle it has found a supporter base in the Naturist community.Following a number of successful independent screenings including selected clothing optional cinema sessions. I first heard about this film through an interview of J.P. Riley by Stephane Deschenes on the Naturist Living Show.

Having just watched the pre-theatrical release DVD, which is intended to raise funds to assist the recovery of production costs and to produce a print for theatrical release, I can say that my wife and I enjoyed the film and agree that the overall the Naturist lifestyle is portrayed in a very positive light.

The majority of the film is set in the fictional Bare Lakes Nudist Resort and the story is told through the eyes of the two daughters who are both confirmed "textiles". There are very few "cringe" points and a lot of humour as a Naturist viewer. There is sexual relationship intimated, it is of course not shown, however it is within the storyline so there is no connection between the social nudity and the sex.

This film is fun and well worth the viewing, it is a pity that it has not been picked up for commercial release because it would stimulate discussion about social nudity and perhaps encourage the 30'something demographic, for whom it will have great appeal, to try social nudity.

Also there is a strong body acceptance message in the film which, for me, was the best naturist message to come through.

All in all, this is the best film depicting the lifestyle to date.
4.5 suns / 5

If you wish to purchase the Act Naturally DVD and check it out for yourself, you can do so at the official website at

Please support this independent naturist film by purchasing your own copy of this movie instead of duplicating it or downloading it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Modesty Madness

I have been reading “Naked Fear” by Dennis Craig Smith and in one chapter called Modesty Madness he cites this example of what he describes as the paradox that society has regarding the body and sexuality.
 In August 1991 Demi Moore posed pregnant and naked on the cover of Vanity Fair. Although nude the photo was taken with only a side view of hips and legs and her stomach and she held her hands across her nipples.
In America the picture caused such a reaction that in most places it was displayed with a strip of white paper across the cover. Interestingly at that time it was the magazines biggest selling issue ever!

 Twelve months later Demi again graced the cover of Vanity Fair naked and facing the camera. No outcry was heard, Why?
Well in the second shot Demi had a suit body painted on and although with a little careful observation you can clearly see her nipples  there was an “illusion of modesty … and the public was protected by its own imagination from viewing a naked body”.

Dennis Craig Smith then poses the question, “What does it say about the attitudes toward decency if a person who is actually nude is considered dressed because we perceive him to be? If decency cam be illusive, and if we can be fooled into a false sense of acceptability, then could it not be  that the concept of decency itself is an illusion?
The anti-body campaigners have and continue to work this illusion, proclaiming the human body as "dirty" and "evil" when in truth it is a perfect and amazing instrument for our use.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ladies, why wear a bra?

How can anything that leaves these types of marks every day be good for you?

There is an excellent website called and this site challenges women to review their relationship with their breasts with one of the articles on the site dealing extensively with the question of wearing bra's.

From the 007b site:

Over 90% of North American women wear a bra, many without ever asking why. This article talks about different reasons women give for wearing a bra. Interestingly, bra wearing is not a necessity for most women for their breasts' sake; it is worn for cultural reasons.

That's an interesting statement I thought that the bra was needed to support breasts?

According to the site:

This is largely a myth: "...wearing a bra... has no medical necessity whatsoever", says Susan M. Love, M.D in her "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book". This is similar to the myth that women supposedly need corsets to support their stomach muscles.

Now, large-breasted women may need the support from bras. Jogging and other active sports may be painful even for medium-breasted ladies. This is, however, an individual thing, so do what is comfortable for you.

In one study, large-breasted women removed the weight of breasts from their shoulders for two weeks, either by going braless or by wearing a strapless bra. Only one woman chose a strapless bra and all the others went braless. The researchers monitored the women for muscle pain and tenderness. Seventy-nine percent of patients decided to remove breast weight from the shoulder permanently because it rendered them symptom free!

(Ryan, EL, Pectoral girdle myalgia in women: a 5-year study in a clinical setting. Clin J Pain. 2000 Dec;16(4):298-303.

So again we have been conditioned that clothing or certain items of clothing are a necessity when really it is just a societal construct!

This site does women in particular and the population in general a great service by presenting a large number of photographs that demonstrate, what Naturists have discovered by practicing our lifestyle, that there is a huge range of breast shapes and sizes and all are normal.

In our clothes compulsory society where the body is constantly hidden from view, except in the hands of advertisers and pornographers, people have lost the idea what is a normal body shape.

We, as a society, have allowed the the female body and body parts to be sexualised and objectified all primarily in the name of profit.

Ladies, it is time to reclaim your body!