Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ladies, why wear a bra?

How can anything that leaves these types of marks every day be good for you?

There is an excellent website called and this site challenges women to review their relationship with their breasts with one of the articles on the site dealing extensively with the question of wearing bra's.

From the 007b site:

Over 90% of North American women wear a bra, many without ever asking why. This article talks about different reasons women give for wearing a bra. Interestingly, bra wearing is not a necessity for most women for their breasts' sake; it is worn for cultural reasons.

That's an interesting statement I thought that the bra was needed to support breasts?

According to the site:

This is largely a myth: "...wearing a bra... has no medical necessity whatsoever", says Susan M. Love, M.D in her "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book". This is similar to the myth that women supposedly need corsets to support their stomach muscles.

Now, large-breasted women may need the support from bras. Jogging and other active sports may be painful even for medium-breasted ladies. This is, however, an individual thing, so do what is comfortable for you.

In one study, large-breasted women removed the weight of breasts from their shoulders for two weeks, either by going braless or by wearing a strapless bra. Only one woman chose a strapless bra and all the others went braless. The researchers monitored the women for muscle pain and tenderness. Seventy-nine percent of patients decided to remove breast weight from the shoulder permanently because it rendered them symptom free!

(Ryan, EL, Pectoral girdle myalgia in women: a 5-year study in a clinical setting. Clin J Pain. 2000 Dec;16(4):298-303.

So again we have been conditioned that clothing or certain items of clothing are a necessity when really it is just a societal construct!

This site does women in particular and the population in general a great service by presenting a large number of photographs that demonstrate, what Naturists have discovered by practicing our lifestyle, that there is a huge range of breast shapes and sizes and all are normal.

In our clothes compulsory society where the body is constantly hidden from view, except in the hands of advertisers and pornographers, people have lost the idea what is a normal body shape.

We, as a society, have allowed the the female body and body parts to be sexualised and objectified all primarily in the name of profit.

Ladies, it is time to reclaim your body!