Sunday, October 31, 2010


“Nudists believe that they have discovered a variation of human society, the importance of which goes far beyond the abandonment of the figleaf.”
Magnus Clarke  from Nudism in Australia Deakin University Press Victoria Australia 1982.(p 11)

I don't think that there would be many that would argue that there is an abundance of STRESS in our lives particularly our working lives.

In todays commercial world we are constantly contactable, with laptops, mobile phones, mobile e-mail then if they miss you on all that, there is also voice mail and with all that comes the subtle 24/7 work week.

Is the last thing you do at night check your Blackberry? What about social networking sites, feel compelled to keep your social status updated? 

We have been sold the lie that we can multi-task and we therefore load ourselves up with too many tasks and then feel stressed when they are not completed within an unrealistic time-frame.

All this came home to me when I was relaxing on our clothing optional beach this weekend and I felt that familiar comfortable feeling of the sun on my whole body, the light breeze keeping the temperature comfortable and the sounds of the waves and our beach friends as they conversed with each other.

Laying there I felt my entire body relax, and then after a few moments it relaxed even more, then even more after that! It was so noticeable just how much tension I had been holding in my body and it reminded me again how fortunate that we discovered this Naturist lifestyle and what a great antidote it is to this stressful work-a-day world.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wandering Bares

We first saw a "Wandering Bares" sticker on a Winnebago owned by some, now nudist friends. I asked where they got the sticker and they said they crossed path with a nudist who was selling the stickers.

Now about 12 months later we have tracked down the creator of these stickers, John & Joan Clarke and have bought and now proudly display our own Wandering Bares sticker on our car!

We asked John what was the history behind the creation of this sticker and here is the response:

John writes:

To begin with, I am a nudist from way back in the early seventies, When I ,with wife and 4 kids joined the old Woodlands, out of Liverpool, Sydney.

Unfortunately, My wife died from breast cancer at 35 years old, leaving me with 4 young children to raise.

Fast forward then to 1986, where with the kids now all with jobs, me up on the Gold Coast, where Joan and I met and became an item. Although Joan had always been textile, she very easily adapted to the nudist lifestyle with me.

In early 1994 we settled on the secluded 40 acre bush block, now called Teatree Park, just out of Agnes Water, Qld. We lived in a caravan while I built our little cottage. When we moved into the house, we kept the caravan area tidy, and made it available as a camp area for travelling nudists. We did a lot of travelling to nudist resorts and beaches. Agnes Water beaches at those time was very secluded then. That was the main reason I had purchased this block in this area.

In 2002 we set off in our little Nissan poptop to travel to Darwin. Along the way we encountered a lot of the "Grey Nomads", as we camped each night in free bush camps. We discovered that the "Campervan and Motorhome Club Australia, had held their Annual Convention at Barcaldine the previous week, and a lot of Motorhomers were also on the way to Darwin.

Quite often as we shared a drink or two with these nomads, I would eye off some of them and think, "look at that couples tan. I bet they're nudists." Politeness, and fear of offending would deter me from asking them straight out. It was because of this that I would think,"wouldn't it be good if they had a sticker on their vehicle that would identify them to other nudists". I decided I would apply myself to trying to make this happen.

Upon our return home, I immediately joined the C.M.C.A. As they instigated various "chapters" in different districts, as well as special interest groups, such as "The Solo's" (nomads travelling alone), and the "Hi-Fi" group for the radio enthusiasts , I wrote to them proposing a nudist special interest group. It didn't even rate a reply. On making inquiries, I was told there were too many old prudes in the executive to even consider it. I decided to "go it alone"

I experimented with a few different designs and caricatures, running them past other nudists at various clubs and resorts, as well as friends, but none seemed to have that "bling" that would really catch on.

Finally, I formed a picture in my mind of what I thought would be an attractive logo. I went to a local graphic artist and went through some design books until we came across the little bear. I had her fill in the changes I wanted, the staff and bundle and such, until the "Wandering Bares" was created.

I liked it so much I forwarded it on to a local sign printer to print 100 stickers to test the reaction.

They immediately struck a chord with all I showed it to, and so the "Wandering Bares" were born.

They took on very well with many single male nudists. They found that it didn't come over as being "in your face" with prudes who would judge them as deviates or such because it was easily explained away to the curious as just a funny sticker that didn't know how to spell "bear". At the same time it was immediately recognised by other nudists they may meet on the road.

They have now been sent to nudists, not only all over Australia, but have sent small orders to the U.S.A. as well as the U.K. and of course N.Z. One description of the sticker that amused me was from an American couple who sent an order for the little "Hobo Bear".

It had never occurred to me that it could be seen as a "Hobo" nudist.

During our trip around Australia in 06-07 we encountered the stickers in many strange places. Not surprising I guess, as we always sought out secluded places to camp along the road, just so we could be in "uniform" while camped. We rarely used caravan parks. It was either nudist places, or out in the bush.

Anyway, that is the story of the little nudist bear.

Thanks to John and Joan for taking the time to share your story.
If you would like your own Wandering Bares sticker to proudly tell "those in the know" of your clothes free preference then send John and Joan a cheque or money order for $5 plus a self addressed envelope to:
J & J Clarke
619 Murphy Road
Captain Creek
QLD 4677

 So keep an eye out you never know when you will spot a Wandering Bears sticker!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nudist, Naturist or Skinny-Dipper?

Is there a difference between a Nudist, a Naturist or a Skinny-Dipper?

All enjoy the freedom from clothes or coverings and quite often in a social setting so from an outsiders view there appears little if any difference.

There is also a cultural aspect to this discussion, here in Australia the terms Nudist and Naturist are commonly used interchangeably where elsewhere the two terms refer to specific differences in lifestyle choices. Even here in Australia in the past the Naturist was seen to be a vegetarian, with no smoking or drinking and who practiced calisthenics every morning.

In our experience the difference is as much in the mind of the practitioner as it is in the observer.

From our conversations with others who enjoy going clothes-free we would propose the following in today's Australian context:

The Naturist - will seek to be clothes free at every appropriate opportunity and holds to a philosophy that provides a framework of meaning for enjoying the naked activity.

The Nudist - will also seek to be clothes free at every appropriate opportunity but purely because they enjoy the experience and that is enough to meet their needs.

Finally the Skinny-Dipper -this person just enjoys to swim and sun bathe clothes-free. They confine their clothes free activity to the beach or pool and spa.

And all of the above are valid and share an important aspect, that is the clothes free lifestyle is enjoyable!

So where do we stand on this topic?

Well as can be seen from the title of this blog we think that Naturist best describes our lifestyle choice. As such we can fully align ourselves with the International Naturist Federation definition of what Naturism is:

"Respect for self, respect for others, respect for the environment through the practice of communal nudity."

However whether you are a Naturist, Nudist or a Skinny-Dipper revel in the enjoyment of your clothes-free time and be proud of your pastime or lifestyle choice.

Hopefully there will be plenty of opportunity this year to enjoy a clothes free Summer!