Saturday, May 5, 2012

Anything about the naked body is news!

On Friday the Sydney papers carried an article about a Royal Australian Navy officer who was facing a court-martial panel on a charge committing an act of indecency by using a mirror to spy on a female shipmate in the showers. The outcome was that the officer was reduced in rank and fined approx $5,700.

Now I'm not going to comment on the case itself, except to say that what was done was inappropriate in the circumstances. The thing that I found interesting was that I am sure there are many misdemeanor's  that are dealt with in the services by a court-martial panel, everything from petty crimes, to more serious offences and yet rarely do they make the press.

But because this case involved nudity - shock horror!!!! the press found it news worthy!

Our society equates the naked body with sex and sex sells, so this story becomes titilation to the masses!

Sailor convicted of shower spying                   
AFTER 20 years of an unblemished naval career, and having completed his technical engineering exams only last Friday, a 37-year old lieutenant has been convicted of committing an act of indecency by using a mirror to spy on a shipmate in the showers on board HMAS Parramatta this year.
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