Monday, May 6, 2013

TV show takes a positive look at the Nudist / Naturist lifestyle

Today I received an unsolicited email advising that there will be a new Australian TV show called "Vive Cool City" which premieres Tuesday 21st May at 11pm on SBS 2.

Here is the body of the email that I received:

Vive Cool City is a pilot for a new show on SBS TV that explores lifestyles that are
outside the mainstream.

It features a very positive story on the nudist and naturist lifestyle.

Reporter, Ryder Susman, strips off himself to join members of the Metro East Nudist
Leisure Club at one of their fortnightly socials at a gym in the Melbourne suburb of
Narre Warren.

Members of the club discuss the freedom and benefits and being able to socialise and
pursue every day activities like going to the gym without the restriction of

It was the reporter, Ryder’s, first experience with public nudity and despite his
initial nervousness; he ended up becoming a convert after spending a few hours naked
at the gym.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could pass the details about the screening of
this program on to your members and guests and include it in your newsletters or on
your websites.

A photo of the Vive Cool City film crew interviewing, Rob, a founding member of the
Metro East Nudist Leisure Club is attached.

The Vive Cool City pilot will screen at 11pm on Tuesday night 21st May on SBS 2.

The story on the Metro East Nudist Leisure Club is about a minute and a half in to
the program.

This looks like this will be a positive representation of social nudity it is always a good start that the reporter and crew are naked for the show. We will have to tune in to see if this is the case.

Further information on the show from the SBS website:  Vive Cool City features a series of 4-5 minute original documentaries that explore the underbelly of human culture and the behaviours that don't normally get air time. 
It tells stories about the world that we don't usually see on television - the weird and wonderful truth about what people actually get up to. 
At times it is confronting, entertaining and playful - but it is always engaging. 
(Commissioned by SBS) (Entertainment) MA (N,D)

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  1. About time nudism got recognized in our country ill be watching. I cant wait.
    Tweet. Nudistmick